AdGuard Premium 7.18.0 Crack with License Key Download

AdGuard Premium 7.18.0 Crack with Full Torrent [Win+Mac]

AdGuard Premium Crack

AdGuard Premium Crack is an advanced Adblocker that allows you to block all ads on the internet to protect your privacy and data. You can remove all the popup notifications on the web and from your PC. It also protects you against fake and fraudulent websites. You can easily remove all the popups with the help of this tool. It removes all the tracking cookies so that the advertisers cannot track your browsing habits. You can easily remove all malicious programs and infections using this application. You can get all the benefits of the ad-blocking service and still maintain your personal freedom online. This ad blocker blocks all annoying and intrusive ads from loading on the internet. It is designed to protect you from spyware and malware. You can also customize your experience with the ability to filter ads from various websites and change the filter settings.

AdGuard Premium Portable is a fast and easy solution that lets you control the ads that appear on websites. This means that you will not have to worry about getting infected by malicious software. You don’t have to keep clicking and searching through the ads. This tool works great and it does not slow down your computer. You will no longer have to visit sites that contain harmful ads. You can also stop yourself from becoming a victim of a virus or spyware. In addition to this, you are able to protect your online privacy. It makes you able to prevent tracking your surfing habits on the internet. This helps you to avoid being targeted by hackers. It provides you with parental control that allows you to view the content which your children searched. You can block all the sites which are unnecessary you think.

AdGuard Premium 2024 Crack with Serial Key Download for PC

AdGuard Premium Activation Key blocks sites that have adult content to protect your children. It allows you to take screenshots of your active screen to view the searches and other activities later. You can fix and set the time for this purpose. It gives you the filter to report any website to completely block that site. In this way, you can keep protecting your data online and no one gets access to your PC and online activity. Blocking Ads makes your online surfing safe, secure, and fast. Ads are tracking your all online activities and give you more ads related to your activities. So it is so necessary to remove all of the ads. It gives you a more entertaining and enjoyable experience. In addition, it blocks ads that take extra time to provide you with your videos.

AdGuard Premium Cracked removes ads at the initial state and between the videos. It has a simple, attractive, and modern user interface full of advanced features. It is so popular due to its simplicity. Also, it is highly customizable and makes you able to customize all the settings. You can also change the destination of screenshots and view them, later. It is an amazing software because it protects you, your children, your online activities, and your data. It has the ability to scan and analyze viruses and blocks them automatically. You can apply the password after restricting the age for online surfing. Whenever anyone searches for that content that is underrated, they require a password to get access them. You can restrict different secured websites to prevent others from searching, also. It allows you to increase or decrease the sensitivity level of secured data.

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AdGuard Premium License Key

AdGuard Premium Crack Key Features:

  • Enables you to block all the ads that are disturbing you when you are online surfing, watching videos, etc.
  • Removes all those web elements that are annoying for you and makes your online journey more enjoyable.
  • Blocks all gateways that provide others to track your online activities and data.
  • Works as an antivirus to analyze your offline data or your computer and remove all viruses, automatically.
  • AdGuard Premium Free Download makes you completely anonymous to trackers and spyware that are recording your activities and data.
  • With the help of its advanced ad-blocking feature, it increases the speed of page loading and content accessing. 
  • Also, it works for all of your applications and web browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.
  • A parental control feature allows you to restrict access to adult websites and games.
  •  You can limit access to all websites except a selected group, to particular types of content such as videos, images, and text, or even to just one site.
  • Automatically checks all websites that the user tries to visit and blocks those that are not safe.
  • Provides various filtering methods, including SafeSearch, which blocks sexually suggestive content, as well as SafeBrowsing, which stops pop-ups.
  • AdGuard Premium Lifetime License Key allows you to customize ads in a way that does not identify your device and IP address.
  • You can protect any browser by turning on AdGuard or adding your favorite sites and apps to the whitelist.
  • Additionally, it protects your data on websites when you are browsing with the built-in ad blocker.
  • Easily check the quality of your network, and block suspicious content and bad ads before they reach your users.


  • Works by analyzing all the pages a person visits, blocking unsafe or inappropriate websites before they ever reach the user’s browse.
  • Lets you filter out all the annoying ads and other junk while viewing online.
  • Lets you add and remove filters, and it automatically updates filters, blocking popups, banner and link advertisements, suspicious redirects, and much more.
  • Shows all the filters you added to the system and gives you information about different activities in the network.
  • Furthermore, you can see which filters are being triggered and which ones are being ignored.
  • AdGuard Premium Keygen keeps track of your IP reputation and enables you to control your reputation online.
  • Provides you with information about the average time taken by process completion.
  • Makes a report consisting of statistical data on a number of IP addresses connected within your network.
  • Allows you to check daily-based reports by visualizing its provided graphs and each graph is in different colors.
  • Increment in security level blocks more ads and unsecured websites and decreasing the level gives you access to more sites but this way is completely at risk.
AdGuard Premium License Key

What’s New in Full Cracked AdGuard Premium?

  • Provides you security against hijackers that are capable of taking control of your web browser and your PC.
  • Gives you more information related to blocked sites and makes a table in which it shows the number of total and top blocked domains with their names.
  • AdGuard Premium Patch provides you with reports including numbers and percentages that enable you easily assess.
  •  In addition, it allows you to unblock the website that was blocked by this software.
  • You can add new rules anytime that use to block the data, accurately and precisely.

Latest Version: AdGuard Premium 7.11

AdGuard Premium License Key





AdGuard Premium Serial Key





AdGuard Premium Mac Crack is very helpful and useful when you want to block unwanted sites and adult content to protect your children. It makes you able to keep searching safe and secure. You can apply different filters on different sites and you can also view the IP addresses. Moreover, it provides you with the functionality of blocking the sites, manually. You can also unblock the sites that this software blocks due to age restrictions or inappropriate content. You can view all the stats of blocking ads, removing suspicious viruses, and DNS queries in numbers, percentages, and graphs. In addition, it enables you to block social media sites, also.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 8/10/11+, macOS 10.13+
  • RAM: 4GB
  • HDD: 500MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV
  • Required: Internet Browser

How to Crack AdGuard Premium?

  • Download the AdGuard Premium Crack files.
  • Extract these files using WinRAR.
  • After extracting, install the software setup.
  • Activate using any key in the activation bar.
  • Enjoy using AdGuard Premium Full Version on your PC.

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