EasyUEFI Enterprise 5.5 Crack with License Code Download

EasyUEFI Enterprise 5.5 Crack with Full Torrent Download [Win+Mac]

EasyUEFI Enterprise Crack

EasyUEFI Enterprise Crack is an advanced UEFI boot Manager that allows you to create, modify, clean up, delete, backup, restore, and manage EFI/UEFI system. It makes you able to create Windows PE to USB/DVD/CD. It is a free utility that you can use to make and delete boot managers, create bootable media, modify boot settings and save/restore them. Also, it enables you to manage UEFI boot options, manage boot entries, edit boot files, and delete UEFI boot files. It allows you to quickly and easily create your custom UEFI menu. It helps you manage the boot order of your computer’s devices and install a wide range of applications and operating systems. In addition, it lets you manage all your partitions, creates new ones, modify existing ones, and format them. It allows you to create a new partition on any available unallocated space on your disk drive.

EasyUEFI Enterprise Keygen simplifies the process of booting and managing UEFI bootable disks and USB drives. You can use it to resize, move or delete existing partitions, even if they are mounted. It provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it easy to manage your UEFI boot disks and USB drives. You can manage all your boot entries from one easy-to-use interface. You can easily switch between multiple OSes without rebooting your PC. It helps resolve various issues that can occur while booting or using an EFI/UEFI system, such as boot failures, system not starting up, blue screen errors, and more. It supports most of the EFI firmware on a variety of PC platforms. Hasleo EasyUEFI Enterprise is a standalone UEFI boot manager. It has the ability to detect, repair, and bypass problems with UEFI firmware. It enables you to create ESP on another drive.

EasyUEFI Enterprise 2024 Crack with Activation Key Download for PC

EasyUEFI Enterprise Cracked has the ability to boot into any Windows installation disc, USB, or hard disk. It is a fast, easy-to-use, and powerful UEFI boot cleanup software that helps to clean up your UEFI system and make your boot process faster. It can save time and improve the overall performance of your system. Moreover, it scans and removes all the invalid entries from the UEFI boot menu, including Windows, and re-generates the valid entries for a fresh start. It has an advanced UEFI boot backup feature that can help you protect your UEFI system. It can back up and restore your UEFI system, including the firmware, boot files, and kernel. You can easily back up your UEFI settings including drivers, Windows boot entries, and more. You can also customize the backup settings to exclude some unwanted components like Windows update history, installed programs, and other data.

EasyUEFI Enterprise Portable restores your system to its original factory settings, including the operating system, drivers, applications, settings, and files. You can quickly and easily recover your system from a corrupt or damaged Windows installation disk. It also includes Windows recovery partition, Windows DVD, or even Windows repair media. It allows you to create portable USB/DVD/CD to use as a completely separate operating system. You can use those portable media to install and deploy other OS to manage your files easily. You can create a backup of your EFI/UEFI boot option so that it will be used in the future. Whenever you lost the data or damage any partition data or mishandle the option, you can use it. After creating a backup, you can restore all the settings and data anytime and anywhere. It is so a famous technique to deploy any portable system nowadays.

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EasyUEFI Enterprise License Code

EasyUEFI Enterprise Crack Key Features:

  • Helps you to create, edit, backup, restore, delete, clean up, and manage EFI/UEFI boot options.
  • Provides a graphical user interface that lets users perform common system management tasks
  • Includes accessing boot menus, updating device drivers, and enabling or disabling USB functionality.
  • With EasyUEFI Enterprise, you simply drag and drop BIOS entries on the page, customize them and save them for later use.
  • Designed to allow you to quickly create custom BIOS images for any computer with a UEFI-capable BIOS.
  •  The generated files contain all the required settings for your system.
  • The system has an advanced UEFI/EFI Table that can support multiple system configurations at the same time.
  • EasyUEFI Enterprise Latest Version enables OEM users to easily and securely manage different firmware variants.
  • Allows anyone to freely modify and develop new feature modifications and extensions for this system.
  • Allows you to create Windows PE USB or media storage for any emergency situation to handle any operating system error.
  • Restore the entire contents of the EFI partition to any bootable USB thumb drive or SSD drive.
  • Move this file to an external USB drive or network share, so you don’t have to carry your firmware settings with you.
  • You can make media storage as operating system PE that enables you to install that operating system on a computer system.
  • Delete the EFI/UEFI boot option or you can clean up any storage media to use it for other purposes.


  • An EFI/UEFI system creator that helps to create UEFI (EFI firmware) and bootloader images for your computer systems.
  • It is very simple to use and does not require any technical expertise to use.
  • Remove unwanted software, optimize the system, clean up unnecessary boot files, optimize the storage, and much more.
  • EasyUEFI Enterprise Full Crack includes a system reset to restore the computer to factory default settings.
  • Delete unneeded files and remove the unused partitions on an EFI/UEFI formatted hard drive, freeing up space.
  • Allowing for a quick recovery from a corrupted partition table.
  • Allows users to choose from a list of pre-installed drivers for various hardware components.
  • Makes you able to modify them, or even remove them entirely.
  • It is possible to replace the traditional BIOS boot sequence with a user-defined order.
  • You can easily add new entries such as USB memory, optical disc, and network boot.
  • Allows you to repartition the entire EFI system partition of your computer back to factory default settings.
  • You can eliminate any customized configurations made by your previous operating system.
EasyUEFI Enterprise License Code

What’s New in EasyUEFI Enterprise Full Cracked Version?

  • Scans your hard drive (including the SSD drive) and checks whether the operating system files are available or not.
  • EasyUEFI Enterprise Mac Crack repairs any boot options and fixes all issues related to boot options.
  • Makes you able to create bootable media devices in an easier, quicker, and more efficient way.
  • You can recover any missing or corrupted EFI/UEFI system with the help of its improved features.
  • A new driver that enables the system to communicate with the operating system and device firmware.
  • Supports a number of new features, such as advanced boot options, boot selection, and UEFI BIOS/UEFI-compliant bootloader support.

Latest Version: EasyUEFI Enterprise 5.5

EasyUEFI Enterprise License Key





EasyUEFI Enterprise Activation Key





EasyUEFI Enterprise Crack comes with a new and redesigned user interface that makes you able to install the UEFI system more intuitively and easily. It displays all the necessary information and guides users through the entire process. In addition, it includes the ability to install and remove software, reset settings, reboot, launch applications and configure device parameters via CLI commands. This tool provides a method of launching command lines with parameters to control your UEFI firmware. This allows you to add/remove modules from the firmware, set up boot priorities, load/unload operating system drivers, and much more. You do this through the command line interface provided by this software.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10+, macOS 10.13+
  • RAM: 4GB
  • HDD: 1GB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV

How to Crack EasyUEFI Enterprise?

  • Firstly, download the EasyUEFI EnterpriseCrack files.
  • Extract these files using any file extractor.
  • After that, install the setup of the software.
  • Copy any key and paste it into the activation bar.
  • Enjoy using EasyUEFI Enterprise Full Version on your PC.

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