SQLite Expert Professional 5.5.14 Build 625 Crack with License Key

SQLite Expert Professional 5.5.14 Crack with Full Torrent [Win+Mac]

SQLite Expert Professional Crack

SQLite Expert Professional Crack is an advanced database manager that allows you to create, edit, modify, and manage the SQLite3 database. It gives you a visual environment for the development of databases with its visual user interface. It enables you to edit an existing database based on SQL. You manage multiple and complex databases with simple queries. You can create tables that consist of tuples means rows and fields means columns. In addition, it provides you with all tools and features that help you to create a complete database application. You can create different users and give access them to various views of DBs. It enables you to create many structural schemas and you can also use it to encrypt data of databases. You can create tables with its visual designer tool without applying any queries and you can also create tables with queries in code editor mode.

SQLite Expert Professional Keygen helps you to create multiple tables and you can create different relationships between tables according to your projects. It allows you to create procedures that you can use to save time and concise your code. They are very useful when there is a task that is necessary to do again and again. Just call the procedure with its unique name and provides it with different parameters to implement its function. It allows you to add and edit different database languages including DDL, DML, and DCL. You can use all these statements for the database in this software. You can design the database including schema and rules with queries or you can do all of these tasks using its user interface. In addition, it allows you to define all terms which you are using in the database. It is useful software.

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SQLite Expert Professional Cracked has a very simple user interface same as MS SQLServer and makes you able to design DB with a lot of different functionalities. You can use it to create DB forms and you can add different buttons and other form elements. Moreover, you can apply different triggers to make forms responsive. You can design a database application with a graphical user interface so there is no need to be an expert in SQL. You can use its data manipulative language to manipulate all the data. It create, update, and delete the records and you can also delete all DB with a single command. It helps you to destroy any table without affecting the remaining DB. In addition, it has a file explorer panel that allows you to visit all the folders and files. It enables you to view and get access them with it. 

SQLite Expert Professional Activation Key enables you to view all the data of any table by selecting that table under the data tab. It allows you to load any extension to extend the features to manage DBs in an easier way. You can apply different keys to create relationships between tables. It allows you to apply the primary key on a table and that key acts as an identifier. The primary key is used to manipulate data within a table. It is necessary for all tables to have a primary key. You can also apply foreign keys to create relationships between tables. In addition, it has a huge library that helps you to use built-in functions including mathematical and statistical functions. You can also apply different filters and sort the data in a specific sequence. It makes you able to create database diagrams with their relations.

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SQLite Expert Professional License Key

SQLite Expert Professional Crack Key Features:

  • A powerful SQLite database manager that lets you build and maintain your own database.
  • Allows you to create a database file from scratch or copy a database file that you already have.
  • Powerful exporting options, including CSV, XLSX, and HTML, make it easy to transfer the database to your favorite spreadsheet application.
  • Allows you to visually design your database directly within the program without the need for a separate design tool.
  • Choose your database table and create the appropriate fields and relationships in the program itself.
  • With its built-in SQL scripting engine, it lets you quickly and easily create tables, views, indexes, triggers, etc.
  • You can do all of your work in a graphical environment using visual tools, allowing you to focus on design while eliminating tedious typing.
  • With the help of this software, you can execute any SQL statement to add, change, or remove data.
  • SQLite Expert Professional Free Download imports, exports, and compares databases between different operating systems or platforms.
  • A SQL editor feature designed to make it easier to write complex SQL queries in an intuitive environment.
  • You can drag columns and rows to move them around, copy data from tables and paste it into other tables.
  • Allows you to sort tables in various ways, apply functions, edit values, and create views.
  • Lets you do all of these things while staying true to the database structure you are working with.
  • A new syntax highlighting and error checking for the queries, table definitions, and stored procedures.
  • Helps you reorganize your database and it allows you to move tables, columns, and indexes into new locations.
  • Enables you to move existing records between tables and rename tables and columns.


  • Create your own databases, add tables to them, link the tables, and edit existing tables with ease.
  • Comes in handy if you ever need to change the data layout on your database.
  • A database repairing feature that allows you to easily repair corrupt databases and recover lost data.
  • Offers features such as batch conversion from JPEG to PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP, and colorizing black and white images.
  • SQLite Expert Professional Patch changes the size, shape, and rotation of any picture you have added to your presentation.
  • Allows you to view and edit the contents of a database file as a series of binary data values known as hexadecimal numbers.
  • Its indicator consists of the letters H, P, or S, depending on the number of bytes in the value.
  • Allows users to execute SQL queries and procedures without having to load a separate database engine into the application.
  • Allows you to write Python or Tcl scripts to interact with the database programmatically.
SQLite Expert Professional License Key

What’s New in SQLite Expert Professional Full Cracked Version?

  • Added to new SQLite manager that makes it much easier to create databases in the first place.
  • Import and export databases in both SQL and XML formats.
  • An advanced Database creation wizard to guide you through the process.
  • SQLite Expert Professional Serial Number has a new scripting tool, which gives you the power to quickly and easily automate database tasks.
  • Allows you to save the data inside your program in a file on the local computer or online storage.
  • Full Unicode support feature that allows users to store their information using any combination of characters.
  • You can create database tables, columns, and indexes that support all Unicode characters.

Latest Version: SQLite Expert Professional 5.5.14 Build 625

SQLite Expert Professional License Key





SQLite Expert Professional Serial Key





SQLite Expert Professional Mac Crack is a comprehensive SQLite development environment that allows you to easily create, run, debug and deploy SQLite applications. You can also use it to manage your SQLite database files, and create and edit databases, tables, triggers, views, and indices. It comes with a built-in library for managing all sorts of data, including text, numbers, dates and times, binary, and XML. You can read and write data to the database, insert, update, and delete data, and find out the number of rows in the database. In addition, it allows you to automatically generate code and pre-define queries before you even create a connection with the database.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10/11+, macOS 10.13+
  • RAM: 8GB
  • HDD: 4GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i5

How to Crack SQLite Expert Professional?

  • Download the SQLite Expert Professional Crack files.
  • Extract these files using WinRAR.
  • After extracting, install the software setup.
  • Activate it using any key in the activation bar.
  • Enjoy using SQLite Expert Full Version on your PC.

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